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  • The Cat IQ Test

    I picked up a great book today written by E.M.Bard. What made me smile was that not only can humans be measured psychometrically – but so can cats!
    Anyone who has been to Psycuity Tower’s will know that we have an office cat called Max. It’s been amazing to find just how many of our friends [...]

  • Don’t overload your prefrontal cortex . . .

    . . . if you want to stick to diet’s and keep New Year resolutions.
    This psychological gem comes from Professor Richard Wiseman he studied over 3,000 peoples new year resolutions and found that 88% of them fail. A psychological explanantion is the prefrontal cortex part of the brain controls which controls willpower, short-term memory, focus [...]

  • What matters now

    If you want some free inspiration for 2010 check out Seth Godin’s new ebook What Matters Now. 70 top US digirati thinkers have put their ideas down on a page. My favourite is Derek Sivers – Passion – you grow and thrive by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday.

  • Twitter workout?

    A recent study by Dr Tracey Alloway, a Psychologist from Stirling University has shown that video war games could enhance a key element of intelligence that is vital to success in life.
    Keeping up to date on Facebook and solving Sudoku may have similar effects, however text messaging, Tweeting and watching YouTube are all likely to weaken [...]

  • Choose your attitude

    ‘Choose you attitude’ is the mantra of Debra Searle who rowed single handed across the Atlantic after her husband withdrew from the double-handed Atlantic rowing race.
    I was lucky enough to listen to Debra retell her journey at an after dinner speech during the CIMA Members in Practice conference. I’ve seen quite a few big name [...]

  • If the price is right?

    A sobering article in this month’s commerceGM magazine highlights a survey by Infosecurity Europe of 600 city financial services workers. A worrying 37% would steal company information if the price was right.
    Perhaps it’s reassuring that 63% of workers wouldn’t be tempted to hand over sensitive information even for £10m.  The ‘incentives’ ranged from a ’slap up [...]

  • Nature v Nurture…

    I’m always intrigued by the whole nature v nurture argument and I often smile when clients ask us the magic question of what makes high performers in the work place so successful. My argument back is typically we are what we are partly because of Mum and Dad (nature), partly down to the environment we’re [...]

  • “Best job in the world” goes to a Brit!

    Back in February we blogged about quite possibly the best job in the world being caretaker of Hamilton Island.
    Well today it’s been announced that the role will be filled by Ben Southall, 34 from Hampshire. Big hats off to Ben who beat off 34,000 other worldwide applicants for the £70,000 for 6 months a year [...]

  • From lucky ties to angry genes. . .

    We’re often asked about stress in the workplace and conflict management between shareholders. Whilst each case is different, we see recurring themes: one caused by underlying issues and the other by shorter lived and more situational issues.
    At Psycuity we’re don’t deliver stress audits in the workplace, we try and identify the root cause of the problem, [...]

  • #14,782 of the Cloud Appreciation Society

    If know a Cirrostratus from a Cumulonimbus, why not join the Cloud Appreciation Society (I’m member 14,782)? If your head isn’t in the clouds yet, check out an ace documentary by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (CAS founder) on BBC4 on Cloudspotting and learn about the wonder and beauty of clouds.

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