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  • Digital sparks need apply

    We’re excited Psycuity is delivering one of the days of the Northwest Vision and Media i.studio+ programme. The i.studio+ concept comes from the great team at the White Room and is designed to get new staffers in digital companies prepared for steps up the leadership ladder. So if you know any bright digital sparks make [...]

  • Doing the right thing

    Caterina Fake of Flickr fame muses that working hard is overated. A lot of her early start-up time was unproductive and spent ‘freaking out’ in other words:

    working on things just to be seen to be busy
    not knowing what we were doing
    fearing failure
    worrying about things we needn’t have worried about
    thinking about fund raising rather than product [...]

  • Wellies

    Great to see local enterprise and initiative spreading green shoots. The store manager of the ex-Woolworths in Dorchester has reopened the store as Wellworths. What’s interesting from a people perspective is Claire Robertson worked her way up from a Saturday girl to store manager. She’ll have a deep understanding of what makes the business tick [...]

  • Ignited

    Here’s the live video feed from the first Ignite North UK held at the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds. It captures all the presentations. If you’re interested I appear after 2′15″. It was great fun and some fantastic presentations – the format is pretty unrelenting – 20 slides in 5 minutes and no deviation. Big thanks to [...]

  • Blimey O’Reilly

    Make decisions in haste, repent at your leisure – goes the saying. The first UK O’Reilly Ignite event is on Thursday evening 22nd January at the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds and it’s now time to focus on getting a presentation together.
    I’m presenting along with 19 other brave souls – the format is pretty daunting [...]

  • Liverpool Barcamp 2008

    Just a quick blog post to say hi all the guys we met down at the Liverpool Barcamp 2008. A few familiar faces and a whole load of new ones! For those who don’t know, bar camp events are for fellow geeks to really geek out about subjects they find interesting. The events are a [...]

  • Can anyone beat this recession?

    It’s been busy few weeks at Psycuity HQ, with Claire starting and more recruits in the pipeline, we’re finding it’s not all doom and gloom to be a start-up business.
    This got me reading this morning about other successful businesses that set up during a recession and I found this great article by Sarah Caron of [...]

  • Like a cockroach

    Paul Graham of Y Cominator fame writes a thoughtful post on Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy and uses the metaphor of being like a cockroach to survive a nuclear winter“the cheaper your company is to operate, the harder it is to kill.”
    We agree wholeheartedly with Paul’s sentiments ” if you want [...]

  • Claire Nuttall joins Psycuity as Finance Director

    Claire Nuttall is to join the Psycuity Management Team in October 2008. Her main role will be to oversee all financial management and corporate governance for Psycuity.
    Claire studied Psychology at Manchester University before training as a Chartered Accountant with Robson Rhodes. She went on to join iSOFT as Financial Controller to build the finance [...]

  • Average = Average

    A couple of weeks ago I read a polemic 37 Signals blog post about ‘the average work of an average worker is average’ used by Brady Booch at the BrainstormTECH conference. It’s not just ability, it’s the environment or culture that’s so important. In start-ups and early stage companies the culture is determined by the founders and [...]


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