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  • Roll on the Ryder Cup

    I read a great article by Marc Jones and David Lavallee on the psychology of the Ryder Cup today.
    They discuss in The Psychologist that Mark Twain once defined golf as a ‘good walk spoiled’, yet for psychologists the Ryder Cup between the USA and Europe is worth watching because of the many different elements of psychology at [...]

  • Don’t overload your prefrontal cortex . . .

    . . . if you want to stick to diet’s and keep New Year resolutions.
    This psychological gem comes from Professor Richard Wiseman he studied over 3,000 peoples new year resolutions and found that 88% of them fail. A psychological explanantion is the prefrontal cortex part of the brain controls which controls willpower, short-term memory, focus [...]

  • Twitter workout?

    A recent study by Dr Tracey Alloway, a Psychologist from Stirling University has shown that video war games could enhance a key element of intelligence that is vital to success in life.
    Keeping up to date on Facebook and solving Sudoku may have similar effects, however text messaging, Tweeting and watching YouTube are all likely to weaken [...]

  • Forgetting not to forget . . .

    If you’re like me then you’ll often find yourself convincing yourself you can remember the few bits you need from the supermarket without the need to write them down, only to return having bought everything but those bits you wanted.
    Memory is a fascinating subject to study and Dominic O’Brien is a mnemonist who is eight time [...]

  • From lucky ties to angry genes. . .

    We’re often asked about stress in the workplace and conflict management between shareholders. Whilst each case is different, we see recurring themes: one caused by underlying issues and the other by shorter lived and more situational issues.
    At Psycuity we’re don’t deliver stress audits in the workplace, we try and identify the root cause of the problem, [...]

  • Psychometrics v Psychotherapy…

    What these two professions have in common is that if you introduce yourself as doing either at an event, the person you are talking too is sure to hot foot it away – double quick march.
    An interesting observation by the Psycuity networking team has been that the average Manchester business professional doesn’t know the difference either. [...]

  • Storm in a TCUP

    Good to see England with 15 players on the pitch for a full 80 minutes and an awesome first half-performance against France at Twickenham this afternoon. It was interesting to hear the phrase ‘TCUP’ again – once the mantra of SCW Clive Woodward TCUP stands for Thinking Critically Under Pressure.
    TCUP is equally applicable in the [...]

  • Top crystalised banana

    Hats off to Gail Trimble of Corpus Chrisi who’s crystalised intelligence shone through to win the grand final of University Challenge last night. We agree with Prof Adrian Furnham’s comments on the intelligence debate.
    Perhaps more surprising than her accumulated points score was the media reaction and labelling her Britain’s brainiest woman and Nuts magazine pursuing her for a [...]

  • Are you cool as a cucumber or do you see the red mist?

    One of the global personality factors we look at is neuroticism and measures the number and strength of stimuli that trigger negative emotions in a person.
    A clip on Radio 4’s Today programme showed the two extremes quite graphically. At the resilent end Chesley Sullenberger, the Airbus pilot forced to land in the river Hudson after a [...]

  • Blimey O’Reilly

    Make decisions in haste, repent at your leisure – goes the saying. The first UK O’Reilly Ignite event is on Thursday evening 22nd January at the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds and it’s now time to focus on getting a presentation together.
    I’m presenting along with 19 other brave souls – the format is pretty daunting [...]


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