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  • The Cat IQ Test

    I picked up a great book today written by E.M.Bard. What made me smile was that not only can humans be measured psychometrically – but so can cats!
    Anyone who has been to Psycuity Tower’s will know that we have an office cat called Max. It’s been amazing to find just how many of our friends [...]

  • First Class Start for Salford University’s New Team

    Salford University’s new senior management team has called on Northwest business psychology consultancy Psycuity to help embed the new team, improve interaction and identify future challenges.
    Psycuity were tasked by Tony Ayin, the newly appointed Business Development Director of the Faculty of Health & Social Care, to audit the members of his new team, work with [...]

  • Psychometrics v Psychotherapy…

    What these two professions have in common is that if you introduce yourself as doing either at an event, the person you are talking too is sure to hot foot it away – double quick march.
    An interesting observation by the Psycuity networking team has been that the average Manchester business professional doesn’t know the difference either. [...]

  • Masters of the Universe

    We’re really excited to be working with the folks behind the Manchester Masters project. Check out the shortlisted candidates that have made it onto the boot camp here and here. 
    Good luck to all next week and let’s keep the great in Manchester!

  • Top crystalised banana

    Hats off to Gail Trimble of Corpus Chrisi who’s crystalised intelligence shone through to win the grand final of University Challenge last night. We agree with Prof Adrian Furnham’s comments on the intelligence debate.
    Perhaps more surprising than her accumulated points score was the media reaction and labelling her Britain’s brainiest woman and Nuts magazine pursuing her for a [...]

  • Are you cool as a cucumber or do you see the red mist?

    One of the global personality factors we look at is neuroticism and measures the number and strength of stimuli that trigger negative emotions in a person.
    A clip on Radio 4’s Today programme showed the two extremes quite graphically. At the resilent end Chesley Sullenberger, the Airbus pilot forced to land in the river Hudson after a [...]

  • The Millionaire Mind

    There is an ongoing debate in the psychology circles when it comes to measuring personality. Whilst owner-managers really don’t care which psychometric tool is used, we at Psycuity often find it useful when they understand a little more about the relevant theory.
    The two main theories are trait based and type based. Type based questionnaires such [...]

  • Getting your advertising right

    In a previous role a colleague of mine was asked to help recruit Japanese nurses for the Iryo Centre in London. Previously the Iryo Centre had tried placing adverts for Japanese speaking nurses in London, but given the general shortage of nurses (of which hardly any spoke Japanese) they were finding the going very tough.
    Our solution at [...]

  • Natural Talent

    I’ve been doing a bit of reading today about the up and coming Beijing 2008 Olympics and it got me thinking about natural talent and how we go about spotting it.
    It’s well documented that to some people being an Olympian comes naturally and to other it takes years and years of training. I remember watching a program [...]

  • Numerical Reasoning

    Here at Psycuity, we measure a number of traits and abilities within people, and good numerical reasoning is often required for Manager in charge of bugets and planning. 
    Whilst we take the process of testing numerical reasoning very seriously; here’s a bit of fun for you:
    Three people check into a hotel. They pay £30 to the [...]


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