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  • Numerical Reasoning

    Here at Psycuity, we measure a number of traits and abilities within people, and good numerical reasoning is often required for Manager in charge of bugets and planning. 
    Whilst we take the process of testing numerical reasoning very seriously; here’s a bit of fun for you:
    Three people check into a hotel. They pay £30 to the [...]

  • Sketchnotes -> VizThink

    Powercuts in Vienna during European Cup Semi-Final let me follow a link from Signals v Noise to Mike Rohde’s SEED3 sketchnotes to VizThink a community of visual thinkers dedicated to the use of visualisation in learning and communication. This is just what I’ve been looking for (excuse the pun!) As part of our team audit work we present [...]

  • Getting to know YOU

    Jeff Pulver writes about the importance of getting to know you and the best time to do that is now.
    At Psycuity we use trait based psychometrics to measure personality and give individual feedback on how people get on with colleagues; how they go about making decisions and solving problems and their coping style with the [...]

  • Where do you find 185,000 entrepreneurs?

    The NWDA has just published the Northwest Enterprise Strategy with a key goal of creating up to 185,000 new businesses by 2026. At Psycuity we applaud the regions support for start-ups and growing businesses.
    As to where to find all the entrepreneurs to start these new businesses, we suggest you start looking for people who are naturally [...]

  • The power of mass creativity . . . we thinks

    I heard Peter Day interview Charles Leadbeater on the BBC World Service Global Business programme and the topic pricked my ears about mass collaboration or ‘we-think‘ enabled by the web creating a platform for mass creativity and innovation e.g. Wikipedia; Linux; I love bees.
    At Psycuity we measure people’s propensity to share, collaborate and create – [...]

  • Even the PM’s weighed in!

    Now even Gordon Brown criticises Lee the lying Apprentice, writes Beck Barrow in the Daily Mail today.
    The general jist of the story is the outcry from the general business community that liars should be seen to prosper, rather than be penalised. Here at Psycuity we strongly suggest you are just yourself, pretending to be someone or something [...]

  • Forget the Apprentice, MBS results are in!

    Back to school today – Manchester Business School, not to study this time but to receive the results of the MBA research project Psycuity sponsored.
    After several successful meetings with the team of MBAs we were looking forward to the final presentation. With MBS being MBS, we can’t post the full results until we have their [...]

  • Psycuity v Air Products who takes the gas?

    Psycuity, one of the Northwest’s most interesting start ups today declared war on the global gases giant Air Products.
    Whilst there was plenty of marching and a good proportion of time spent in the bunkers, “war” would be seen to many as a slight over exageration. However, to Psycuity MD, Philip Hemsted and Air Product’s, UK Major Accounts [...]

  • Blogging Builds Brands

    Social media ace Chris Brogan has some top tips on how to grow your blogging audience: 

    Decide who are you writing for
    Write in bite sized chunks
    Blow your own trumpet
    Be tenacious
    Listen and then join the conversation

    We’re relative newbies to blogging at Psycuity (and know we need to tweak WordPress to make it right) and are excited about [...]

  • Top 100 Graduate Employers

    At this time of the year, we often get asked about graduates, with the biggest concern being how do you select a good one, when they have no industrial experience.
    Here at Psycuity we place far less weighting on prior experience and concentrate on the raw natural abilities and personality of the individuals. As most of our [...]


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