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  • Average = Average

    A couple of weeks ago I read a polemic 37 Signals blog post about ‘the average work of an average worker is average’ used by Brady Booch at the BrainstormTECH conference. It’s not just ability, it’s the environment or culture that’s so important. In start-ups and early stage companies the culture is determined by the founders and [...]

  • Oriental Style

    On Monday night I popped along to the opening celebration of Manchester’s newest boutique hotel, the Yang Sing Oriental. If you are looking for something different then this is the place to stay, with individually themed and scented rooms.
    Gerry Yeung’s vision to turn a dilapidated Victorian warehouse into an exclusive venue is a testament to [...]

  • Getting your advertising right

    In a previous role a colleague of mine was asked to help recruit Japanese nurses for the Iryo Centre in London. Previously the Iryo Centre had tried placing adverts for Japanese speaking nurses in London, but given the general shortage of nurses (of which hardly any spoke Japanese) they were finding the going very tough.
    Our solution at [...]

  • Natural Talent

    I’ve been doing a bit of reading today about the up and coming Beijing 2008 Olympics and it got me thinking about natural talent and how we go about spotting it.
    It’s well documented that to some people being an Olympian comes naturally and to other it takes years and years of training. I remember watching a program [...]

  • Magnanimous in victory

    I was glued to the TV watching the final of the men’s singles at Wimbledon when Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in arguably the greatest tennis final ever.
    What impressed me the most was not just the superlative tennis or Rafa’s self-belief and ability to stay in the present. No, it was on Monday when on [...]

  • How to find the hard to find

    Web 2.0 statrtups are growing successfully not only by leveraging social media like Digg, but by building great teams using unconventional methods. Sandy Jen co-founder of meebo recently spoke on a panel at Structure 08 and gave some great advice on how to overcome the internal scaling challenge or ‘hiring’.
    In a fast-growing startup, maintaining your [...]

  • Ladies European Tour Update – July 2008

    It was the English Open this week on the Ladies European Tour and the Psycuity Ladies had to sit this one out. Clare Queen missed out all together and Rachel Bell had to pull out on the Friday with a bout of Tonsilitis.
    Rachel, pictured proudly sporting her Psycuity logo managed to drag herself off her sick [...]

  • Web 2.0 and Recruitment

    The latest Recruitment, retention and turnover report published by the CIPD in the main indicates that all the usual recruitment problems faced by businesses will remain or get slightly worse in the coming year.
    We’ll pick up and comment on a few of the main issues facing businesses in later blogs, but here I’d like to [...]


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