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  • 12,500 to 1

    Gary Player said after winning the US Open in 1965 “the more I practice the luckier I get”, well I seem to be the opposite. I was lucky enough to get a hole in one this afternoon at the par 3 212 yard 4th at Delamere. It’s been eight years since my last one and [...]

  • What’s the problem, dunno mate

    The RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) released a blistering report and petition to Downing Street this morning on the decline of school science ability over the last 50 years. One of the conclusions is there is an urgent need to enhance the level of problem-solving and quantitative skills of 16-year olds in the UK. We applaud that sentiment [...]

  • Intelligent nutcrackers

    Watch the David Attenborough programme Natural World:Cheeky Monkey on BBC iPlayer if you get chance. Look out for the Capuchin monkey’s harvesting palm nuts to marvel at their intelligence and ability learning complex tasks. Also I didn’t appreciate some species of monkeys can communicate co-operatively with other species of monkeys to alert against threats.

  • Can anyone beat this recession?

    It’s been busy few weeks at Psycuity HQ, with Claire starting and more recruits in the pipeline, we’re finding it’s not all doom and gloom to be a start-up business.
    This got me reading this morning about other successful businesses that set up during a recession and I found this great article by Sarah Caron of [...]

  • Sports is human life in microcosm

    We admire sporting hero’s, the latest being Lewis Hamilton who’s last corner composure snatched back the F1 championship from Felipe Massa. The TV coverage showed human emotions in the raw with the delight of the Ferrari team turn to despair on realising Hamilton had come 5th.
    Different emotions have been displayed at Tottenham with the arrival [...]


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