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  • How to get 34,000 applicants

    There are many things that affect the response to a job advert. Here at Psycuity we spend a lot of time discussing the variants such as size, colour, position, media and tone of voice. With that said, we’ve never had such a success as reported by Tourism Queensland.
    A caretaker’s job attracted over 34,000 applicants, including [...]

  • Top crystalised banana

    Hats off to Gail Trimble of Corpus Chrisi who’s crystalised intelligence shone through to win the grand final of University Challenge last night. We agree with Prof Adrian Furnham’s comments on the intelligence debate.
    Perhaps more surprising than her accumulated points score was the media reaction and labelling her Britain’s brainiest woman and Nuts magazine pursuing her for a [...]

  • Are you cool as a cucumber or do you see the red mist?

    One of the global personality factors we look at is neuroticism and measures the number and strength of stimuli that trigger negative emotions in a person.
    A clip on Radio 4’s Today programme showed the two extremes quite graphically. At the resilent end Chesley Sullenberger, the Airbus pilot forced to land in the river Hudson after a [...]


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