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  • 1000 job applications later…

    Whilst watching BBC breakfast this morning, Kate Silverton and Bill Turnbill interviewed Jeff Scott about his search for a new job. After having a stint abroad, he returned to the UK expecting to get back into his career of Sales & Marketing, only to find after 6 months and applying for over 1000 jobs, he eventually landed [...]

  • In the sticks or sticks and stones?

    Being based in Newton-le-Willows is a bit out in the sticks compared to a central Manchester location. You can’t ‘pop out for coffee’ with a client on the spur of the moment. But today made me think it isn’t such a bad place to be after all. I had a handful of client meetings in Manchester [...]

  • Storm in a TCUP

    Good to see England with 15 players on the pitch for a full 80 minutes and an awesome first half-performance against France at Twickenham this afternoon. It was interesting to hear the phrase ‘TCUP’ again – once the mantra of SCW Clive Woodward TCUP stands for Thinking Critically Under Pressure.
    TCUP is equally applicable in the [...]

  • Jobsworth

    ‘Jobsworth’ used to be a derogatory term for someone who didn’t really want to help you in their job. In Time magazine 10 ideas that are changing the world now, #1 is Jobs are the New Assets. Suddenly human capital is worth quite a lot more than property or stocks! So jobs do have a worth and [...]

  • Wellies

    Great to see local enterprise and initiative spreading green shoots. The store manager of the ex-Woolworths in Dorchester has reopened the store as Wellworths. What’s interesting from a people perspective is Claire Robertson worked her way up from a Saturday girl to store manager. She’ll have a deep understanding of what makes the business tick [...]


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