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  • Psychometrics v Psychotherapy…

    What these two professions have in common is that if you introduce yourself as doing either at an event, the person you are talking too is sure to hot foot it away – double quick march.
    An interesting observation by the Psycuity networking team has been that the average Manchester business professional doesn’t know the difference either. [...]

  • Top 10 safest jobs in a recession

    ‘A safe job’ is one of the most frequently asked questions when individuals come to Psycuity for Career Guidance advice. Asking how they started out on their career is often answered with ‘I just stumbled into it’ or ‘applied for it when I left university’.
    Although we spend most of our adult lives working, few people plan their [...]

  • Winning on the horses

    At Psycuity, we spend a lot time predicting future performance of people. I’d love to develop a winning formula for successfully predicting winners on the track.
    So a big hat’s off to Rob Lloyd and his team at Tarporley for having laid a solid foundation in the development of his own winning formula. Both Rob and his [...]

  • For those about to rock…

    As most people who know us will agree, the Psycuity team don’t do events by half and tonight was no exception as we took a group of friends and clients to the AC/DC Black Ice Concert at the MEN.
    There were a few things that caught my attention this evening. Firstly it’s very hard not to be blown [...]

  • Steve Smith joins the team

    We’re delighted to announce Steve Smith has joined the Psycuity team as Non-Exec Chairman. Steve was partner at Ernst & Young and headed up the Northern IPO team and brings a wealth of corporate experience to Psycuity.

  • Yikes – don’t lose your shirt under stress!

    Don’t try and cut your losses when under stress! Anthony Porcelli and Mauricio Delgado, psychologists at Rutgers University found that exposure to stress led participants to choose riskier decisions when trying to decide between taking a minor loss or a major one. The reverse proved true with gains.
    An explanation of the behaviour can be found in how [...]

  • If you go down to the woods . . .

    It won’t be a Tiger you’ll see, it’ll be Angel Cabrera – who escaped from the woods on the 1st sudden death play off hole to make par and then close out Kenny Perry on the 2nd extra hole to win the 2009 Masters.
    It’s interesting to note his previous experience in winning the 2007 US [...]

  • Masters of the Universe

    We’re really excited to be working with the folks behind the Manchester Masters project. Check out the shortlisted candidates that have made it onto the boot camp here and here. 
    Good luck to all next week and let’s keep the great in Manchester!


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