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  • Talent on tap or trap?

    Schumpeter writes in the Economist about the recent US trend of hiring interim executives or ‘flexible boardrooms’ to cope with sudden crises (CEO messes up) or short term problems (need to get through FSA compliance or launch a new product). The practice is more common on this side of the pond but the issues remain [...]

  • What matters now

    If you want some free inspiration for 2010 check out Seth Godin’s new ebook What Matters Now. 70 top US digirati thinkers have put their ideas down on a page. My favourite is Derek Sivers – Passion – you grow and thrive by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday.

  • Digital sparks need apply

    We’re excited Psycuity is delivering one of the days of the Northwest Vision and Media i.studio+ programme. The i.studio+ concept comes from the great team at the White Room and is designed to get new staffers in digital companies prepared for steps up the leadership ladder. So if you know any bright digital sparks make [...]


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