What these two professions have in common is that if you introduce yourself as doing either at an event, the person you are talking too is sure to hot foot it away – double quick march.

An interesting observation by the Psycuity networking team has been that the average Manchester business professional doesn’t know the difference either. So I thought I’d write a quick post to describe the difference between the two - here goes:

Psychotherapy is the treatment of psychological disorders or maladjustment’s by a professional technique, as psychotherapists, group therapy, or behavioral therapy. Techniques such as cognitive behavior therapy, thought field therapy and hypnosis are used by experts to encourage the communication of conflicts and insight into problems with the goal being relief from the symptoms – such as fear of heights, stopping smoking or weight issues. 

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and techniques of educational and psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities and personality traits typically via paper and pencil questionnaire. The results of the ’questionnaires’ can be interpreted for use in clinical and occupational psychology. At Psycuity we are only concerned with occupational issues and use the results for due diligence, portfolio review, turn around, recruitment and working with individuals changing careers.

Hope that helps!

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Psychometrics v Psychotherapy…

By Ian

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