A sobering article in this month’s commerceGM magazine highlights a survey by Infosecurity Europe of 600 city financial services workers. A worrying 37% would steal company information if the price was right.

Perhaps it’s reassuring that 63% of workers wouldn’t be tempted to hand over sensitive information even for £10m.  The ‘incentives’ ranged from a ’slap up meal’ to more money than you could imagine. Price has its part to play with those who would hand over data from 63% doing it for £1m, 10% for their mortgage paid off, 5% for a holiday or the lure of a new job, 4% to pay off their credit cards and amazingly 2% would be satisfied with a ’slap up’ meal.

    68% of employees felt it would be easy to take information out of their organisation and 88% said that the information would be available if they looked.

    Counterproductive workplace behaviour and fraud is of interest to Psycuity. Philip recently gave a series of seminars with Kevin Hills of Ernst & Young for the launch of the Association Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE in the North of England. Our message is that systems and procedures play an important part in helping prevent against fraud, but so does selecting the right people in the first place.


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    If the price is right?

    By Ian

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