Yesterday i attended the first Entrepreneurial Services Seminar hosted by Chris Barry and his team at The busy morning seminar was put on at the City Inn in Manchester.

It was a brilliant event for owners of businesses to attend as had secured Simon Showman, CEO of Ultimate Products as their main speaker. Simon gave a great account of his initial years working as an auctioneer, to creating his highly successful business Ultimate Products. He discussed his experiences of issues with products, funding streams, banks and the importance of quality control.

With specific regards to the area Psycuity works in, he passed on some advice he was given early on in his career that “A good CEO can lead a team, but a great CEO creates a team that can lead“. He went on to say that he “learnt the skill of investing in good strong people“. We agree enormously with this statement. Pick people who are naturally good at their jobs and who get on with those they work with. People should play to their strengths and we help them identify what those are.

Other speakers at the seminar were Montpellier’s CEO Robert Jackson and Pannone’s Head of Entrepreneurial Services Kay Kennedy. Robert shared with us his vital components for business planning – strategic, fiscal and business and went on to predict that VAT would rise to 20%, in line with the rest of Europe.

Kay gave a great account about how her business, and entrepreneurial firm itself, had made proactive cost cutting and group buying key to their business success, whilst maintaining the quality and USPs that made them successful in the first place. Kay and her team have worked with a lot of our clients and the feedback we’ve had from their entrepreneurial services offering is always first class.

You can see all the video content of the seminar here.

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