The latest Recruitment, retention and turnover report published by the CIPD in the main indicates that all the usual recruitment problems faced by businesses will remain or get slightly worse in the coming year.

We’ll pick up and comment on a few of the main issues facing businesses in later blogs, but here I’d like to draw your attention to some specific findings on Web 2.0 and recruitment. The CIPD report considered the views of just short of 800 companies, of which we at Psycuity were amazed to read that only 50 of them were using web 2.0 technologies in their recruitment processes.

The report goes on to summarise its other findings regarding Web 2.0 and recruitment:

  • More than 8 out of 10 respondenets reported then don’t use Web 2.0 technology to attract or recruit employees. Most (71%) don’t plan to start using such technology in the next year.
  • Of those small amount who do use Web 2.0 to attract or recruit employees, the social networking sites they use include LinkedIn (62%), Facebook (58%) and MySpace (10%).
  • Just over half the organisations that plan to start using Web 2.0 methods to attract or recruit employees will target graduates (51%), followed by managers and professionals (46%).
  • The CIPD found it encouraging that 85% of the organisations reported that they do not use social networking sites to vet cnadidates during the recruitment process.

The report goes on to draw some interesting conclusions form the 100 CIPD members who answered the section on value of Web 2.0:

  • From an employer branding perspective, they are concerned about damaging comments about the organisation being posted on social networking sites and blogs (62% agree/strongly agree)
  • Social networking sites are usefulfor engaging potential job seekers (56%)
  • Web 2.0 offers organisations the ability to learn about how they are perceived in the labout market (52%)

Here at Psycuity we have fully embraced Web 2.0 technologies and we fully encourage those companies who are facing issues with recruitment, retention and staff turnover issues to get in touch!!


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Web 2.0 and Recruitment

By Ian

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