I’ve been doing a bit of reading today about the up and coming Beijing 2008 Olympics and it got me thinking about natural talent and how we go about spotting it.

It’s well documented that to some people being an Olympian comes naturally and to other it takes years and years of training. I remember watching a program on the TV a few years back about a Chinese girl who was 8 years old and her farther used to train her something like 14h a day on the basis she would make the Olympics as a long distance runner in the future. Her training regeim would begin at 3am and she would run some 100 miles a week. Towards the end of the program I recall the interviewer asked the child if she enjoyed running and she said she hated it!

At the other end of the scale, you might consider one of the most successful Olympians, Ian Thorpe or “Thorpedo” as he became known. At an early age Thorpe was found to have a chlorine allergy and didn’t compete in his first race until the age of 7, which he won even though he has to swim with his head out of the water! Even at such a young age he had what it takes to be an amazing swimmer by having a significant size advantage over his competitors, being extremely powerful and having a natural technique. At age 14 and 5 months he became the youngest male ever to represent the Austrailian national team and with a career spanning over 10 years he amassed an incredible 9 Olympic medals (5 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze).

Here at Psycuity we regonise that you can train people to be competent in a certain skill or be good in a certain job, but where we find it most successful is when we use our unique techniques to identify raw natural talent who can’t help but be good at what they do. This tends to be coupled with the fact they really enjoy doing whatever it is they are good at.


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Natural Talent

By Ian

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