In a previous role a colleague of mine was asked to help recruit Japanese nurses for the Iryo Centre in London. Previously the Iryo Centre had tried placing adverts for Japanese speaking nurses in London, but given the general shortage of nurses (of which hardly any spoke Japanese) they were finding the going very tough.

Our solution at the time was to place the adverts where there was significantly higher proportion of Japanese people, of which some are highly likely to be nurses, (i.e. Japan’s main press) and see which of those would like to live in London. The project was a big success and the applicants were tested in Japan using Japanese tests and given feedback in English to gauge their levels of their second language.

It was an adweek blog post that brought on this sudden flash back, which commented on poorly translated signs and in specific a restaurant sign found in China. The story has it that the owners used an online translation service to translate the chinese word “restaurnt” in to the english to help the non locals. However, what they got back were the words ”Translate server error” – the blog is aptly titled “Reasons why you should use a “real” translator”.

Just out of interest, at Psycuity all of our psychometric tests are available in a multitude of languages including; French, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic all translated by real translators.

:o )

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