• First Class Start for Salford University’s New Team

    Salford University’s new senior management team has called on Northwest business psychology consultancy Psycuity to help embed the new team, improve interaction and identify future challenges.
    Psycuity were tasked by Tony Ayin, the newly appointed Business Development Director of the Faculty of Health & Social Care, to audit the members of his new team, work with [...]

  • Earning a buck in the digital age

    Our very own Philip Hemsted will be talking on the subject of digital agencies and professional services firms on Thursday 20th April.
    Digital agencies and professional and financial services firms are coming together in Manchester to tackle 21st century dilemmas affecting both sectors.

    Why dont digital agencies have the budget for professional services & and why dont [...]

  • The Undercover Boss

    It was interesting to read in The Times today about the come back on the 90’s classic TV programme “Back to the Floor”, is being re-aired in the States as “Undercover Boss”.
    Sathnam Sanghera’s article reveals that it actually poorly aired first in the UK, prior to being lanuched after the super bowl with 39million prime [...]

  • Don’t overload your prefrontal cortex . . .

    . . . if you want to stick to diet’s and keep New Year resolutions.
    This psychological gem comes from Professor Richard Wiseman he studied over 3,000 peoples new year resolutions and found that 88% of them fail. A psychological explanantion is the prefrontal cortex part of the brain controls which controls willpower, short-term memory, focus [...]

  • Talent on tap or trap?

    Schumpeter writes in the Economist about the recent US trend of hiring interim executives or ‘flexible boardrooms’ to cope with sudden crises (CEO messes up) or short term problems (need to get through FSA compliance or launch a new product). The practice is more common on this side of the pond but the issues remain [...]

  • What matters now

    If you want some free inspiration for 2010 check out Seth Godin’s new ebook What Matters Now. 70 top US digirati thinkers have put their ideas down on a page. My favourite is Derek Sivers – Passion – you grow and thrive by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday.

  • Digital sparks need apply

    We’re excited Psycuity is delivering one of the days of the Northwest Vision and Media i.studio+ programme. The i.studio+ concept comes from the great team at the White Room and is designed to get new staffers in digital companies prepared for steps up the leadership ladder. So if you know any bright digital sparks make [...]

  • The workers are revolting!

    A PR from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) found that half of the workers surveyed left a job due to bad management, not such a surprising statistic given the lack of understanding of what managers really do. The management guru Henry Mintzberg rails against the over professionalisation of management and abundance of MBAs. I agree [...]

  • Doing the right thing

    Caterina Fake of Flickr fame muses that working hard is overated. A lot of her early start-up time was unproductive and spent ‘freaking out’ in other words:

    working on things just to be seen to be busy
    not knowing what we were doing
    fearing failure
    worrying about things we needn’t have worried about
    thinking about fund raising rather than product [...]

  • Are you a pomegranate?

    Did you know the boxer Muhammed Ali developed his own theory of personality based on fruit! He categorised people by the hardness/softness of the inside and outside of fruit.
    Pomegranate – hard outside, hard inside
    Walnut – hard outside, soft inside
    Prune – soft outside, hard inside
    Grape – soft outside, soft inside
    It’s an easy way of categorising people, [...]

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