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  • Only apply if you’re not well educated…

    As previously reported, since the downturn we’ve had a bit of an increase in our career transition work with a healthy proportion of people looking for a complete change in career and some opting to retrain so it was really interesting to read today that UK workers are becoming ‘overskilled’.
    The report by the BBC goes [...]

  • 1000 job applications later…

    Whilst watching BBC breakfast this morning, Kate Silverton and Bill Turnbill interviewed Jeff Scott about his search for a new job. After having a stint abroad, he returned to the UK expecting to get back into his career of Sales & Marketing, only to find after 6 months and applying for over 1000 jobs, he eventually landed [...]

  • Intelligent nutcrackers

    Watch the David Attenborough programme Natural World:Cheeky Monkey on BBC iPlayer if you get chance. Look out for the Capuchin monkey’s harvesting palm nuts to marvel at their intelligence and ability learning complex tasks. Also I didn’t appreciate some species of monkeys can communicate co-operatively with other species of monkeys to alert against threats.

  • The power of mass creativity . . . we thinks

    I heard Peter Day interview Charles Leadbeater on the BBC World Service Global Business programme and the topic pricked my ears about mass collaboration or ‘we-think‘ enabled by the web creating a platform for mass creativity and innovation e.g. Wikipedia; Linux; I love bees.
    At Psycuity we measure people’s propensity to share, collaborate and create – [...]

  • Even the PM’s weighed in!

    Now even Gordon Brown criticises Lee the lying Apprentice, writes Beck Barrow in the Daily Mail today.
    The general jist of the story is the outcry from the general business community that liars should be seen to prosper, rather than be penalised. Here at Psycuity we strongly suggest you are just yourself, pretending to be someone or something [...]

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