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  • Industrial quantities of lame advice

    Lucy Kellaway is one of my favourite columnists with one of the sharpest tongues and minds ready to burst the management bullshit balloon. Catch her analysis¬†on the BBC World Service Business Daily podcast on advice for the newly unemployed and ignore the Jack Welch’s and career coaches mantra. According to Lucy only four things can [...]

  • KP v SJ

    Two well known characters have been in the news from very different spheres, but with similar personality traits. Kevin Pieterson, the former England cricket captain and Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. After Pietersen resigned from the England captaincy he insisted he did ‘nothing wrong‘. Steve Jobs missed the MacWorld keynote address due to health [...]

  • Magnanimous in victory

    I was glued to the TV watching the final of the men’s singles at Wimbledon when Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in arguably the greatest tennis final ever.
    What impressed me the most was not just the superlative tennis or Rafa’s self-belief and ability to stay in the present. No, it was on Monday when on [...]

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