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  • Even the PM’s weighed in!

    Now even Gordon Brown criticises Lee the lying Apprentice, writes Beck Barrow in the Daily Mail today.
    The general jist of the story is the outcry from the general business community that liars should be seen to prosper, rather than be penalised. Here at Psycuity we strongly suggest you are just yourself, pretending to be someone or something [...]

  • Top 100 Graduate Employers

    At this time of the year, we often get asked about graduates, with the biggest concern being how do you select a good one, when they have no industrial experience.
    Here at Psycuity we place far less weighting on prior experience and concentrate on the raw natural abilities and personality of the individuals. As most of our [...]

  • Would you Lee on your CV

    Would you lie on your CV? Well Lee did on the Apprentice tonight and it clearly wasn’t a problem for Sir Alan who decided Lee should make the final. What would you do – tell the truth or not? Using objective personality and ability assessments is an alternative to making decisions on CVs true or [...]

  • Video killed the CV star?

    The Times reports a US firm has come up with an all singing, all dancing online CV that includes moving pictures, graphs and work samples. But will it catch on?
    We at Psycuity believe that it’s a great use of technology and certainly the recruitment industries attempt at embrassing Web 2.0, but will it make people tell [...]

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