Why is it we are never taught how to interview or negotiate based on who we are. Because your style is as individual as you are.


Interview skills

Psycuity interview skills are different from any you will have previously encountered. We use episodic interview techniques that allow you to get to the truth about any candidate in record time. Our methods are non-threatening and rely on the use of immediacy (friendliness) and they cause the candidates to be honest, rational and factual about their experiences.


You’ll use real time exercises, role plays, video feedback, and some knowledge input to ensure that you’ll understand and be able to use it effectively on a daily basis.


Negotiation skills

We believe in the concept of non-zero sum negotiations and teach you the psychological skills to make it happen. The best way to win is for your opponent to give you what you want, willingly and for their own reasons. We teach the psychological skills that make this possible.


We’ll also teach you the skills to stop your opponent lying to you, to stop them using emotion to frustrate your goal and to stop them abdicating power to avoid reaching an agreement.


You’ll learn how to recognise the focal point in each negotiation on which the outcome hinges and we teach you how to best exploit that moment for your ends.